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If you could rewind your Biological Clock 10 or even 20 years, how much would your quality of life improve?

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The Stem Cell Report was written to provide readers with a comprehensive explanation of just how simple it is to enjoy all of the benefits of increased Adult Stem Cell circulation.

The Stem Cell Report explains why maximizing your own Stem Cell production is so critical to your overall levels of health, well-being and longevity. This is particularly important for those over the age of 50 who are already starting to deal with some of the less pleasant effects of the aging process.

The Stem Cell Report explains in detail why using relatively inexpensive Stem Cell Nutrition products is a much more cost-effective solution than spending $7,000 – $30,000 each year on Stem Cell Therapy treatments.

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Research Has Shown That Increasing the Number of Circulating Adult Stem Cells in Your Body Can Slow Down or Even Reverse the Aging Process

The problem is that the number of circulating Adult Stem Cells in your body decrease significantly as you age.

When you were a teenager, you had approximately 100 Trillion Cells in your body of which approximately 1 Billion were Circulating Adult Stem Cells.

At age 30 the average number of circulating Adult Stem Cells have dropped to 400 Million (A 60% reduction).

At age 50 the average number of circulating Adult Stem Cells have dropped to 250 Million (A 75% reduction).

At age 60 the average number of circulating Adult Stem Cells have dropped to 100 Million (A 90% reduction).

At age 80 the average number of circulating Adult Stem Cells have dropped to 50 Million (A 95% reduction).

There are Two Primary Methods of Increasing the Number of Circulating Adult Stem Cells in Your Body at ANY Age

Method One is known as Stem Cell Therapy. It has a good success rate of around 80% and the effects last for about a year. The most significant problem with this method is the cost, which ranges from expensive to VERY expensive. Each yearly treatment can cost between $7,000.00 and $30,000.00, which puts it totally out of the reach of the average person.

Method Two is known as Stem Cell Nutrition and it works for just about anyone. In simple English, Stem Cell Nutrition involves consuming natural, herbal ingredients, clinically proven to assist increasing the bodies own natural production of Adult Stem Cells each and every day. As the cost is less than $2.50 a day, the most significant problem with this method is remembering to consume the product each day.

Modifying you lifestyle can also provide significant, totally free benefits. Improper nutrition with large amounts of animal fat, processed sugars, food additives, lifestyles with heavy smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, an overall increase in stress due to our fast-paced lives, pollution with carcinogenic solvents, heavy metals and pesticides all tend to suppress the natural production of Adult Stem Cells even more.

Stem Support PLUS is an Incredibly Effective Stem Cell Nutrition Product

Stem Support PLUS

Massive amounts of validated scientific research in the last 20 years (over 6,000 studies) has conclusively proven that adult stem cells, working at optimal levels, provide the platform for increasing our cellular health.

Scientists have also proven that the more adult stem cells we have circulating in our body, the healthier and stronger we are to fight off disease and the aging process.

StemSupport PLUS is scientifically formulated using ingredients clinically proven to support the body’s natural release of Adult Stem Cells as well as providing Telomere and Immune System support.

Whatever your current age, generating an additional 2 – 5 Million Adult Stem Cells per day, every day, is something your body will benefit from.

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