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If you could rewind your Biological Clock 10 or even 20 years, how much would your quality of life improve?

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Thanks for deciding to reorder our Stem Support PLUS and Adaptogens products.

We have put together the very special discount offer below, to allow our clients to experience all of the benefits of our products at the lowest possible price.

A Very Special Reorder Discount Offer for You

While increasing your circulating Adult Stem Cell levels can provide tremendous benefits, simultaneously reducing your Stress Levels adds a whole new layer of protective benefits for your body as well.

Our Adaptogens product does just that. Our very happy existing product users have told us for many years that while both products are highly effective stand-alone products, using them together, multiplies the benefits of each many times. 

If you visit the “Order Products” page, you will see that we offer a standard 30% discount to clients prepared to order one of each product. This brings the price per product down from $69.00 to $48.30 or a total of $98.60.

While you are welcome to order one of each product and take advantage of that discount, we would like to offer you a MUCH larger discount.

If you order the “3 Stem Support PLUS” product listed on the “Order Products” page and then use the Coupon Code “Special” in the shopping cart, we will not only give you the 30% discount, we will ALSO ship you THREE of our Adaptogens totally FREE.

This special discount effectively brings the price of each product down to ONLY $24.15 and will save you a total of 50%, or $144.90 off our normal discounted price of $289.80 for three of each product.

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